Asunder stories are more than words on a page. Much like the Twilight Zone, they are dimensions not only of sight and sound, but of mind. We encourage you to include any and all media that will enhance your story. More is more! Is your story fueled by dialogue? Let’s get voice actors to do it! Have illustration ideas? Bring 'em on! By using a mobile phone as the story delivery, the media possibilities are endless. 

Sounds can very much enhance the story experience, be it the crash of thunder or the chirp of cicadas. A soundtrack under up your words adds emotional depth and excitement to your narrative. 

Vibration can also make an impact. Take a page from Nintendo and engage your audiences’ hands as needed.

Since your audience has a phone, why not send a text? Maybe your character is waiting for important information. We can blur the line between fact and fiction here. Remember that texts can even be delivered en route to the next beacon.

Maybe you’d prefer a video at each location. We can serve up an entire Asunder movie in this fashion. If you have the content, we have the time!

Don't worry too much about these multi-sensory elements. You might wonder how they will be delivered to the readers or worry that you don't know how to create these experiences. Are you great at writing but a little hazy on crafting multimedia experiences?  Jump on to the next section to see how we can help.