Although the ways you can present your story are endless, you should always lean towards the succinct. A sonnet is a moment’s monument, after all; it's crystalline idea doesn’t require endless pages. Asunder stories should be thought of in the same fashion.

Be considerate to your audience. They are most likely traveling on foot in locations they are perhaps not familiar. Keeping them in place for too long will spoil the adventuresome spirit of Asunder. Also, since Asunder stories are asynchronous (meaning the audience need not watch them all at once), it is best to keep the experience restricted to reasonable chunks of time.

Authors of Asunder stories can think about their story times and breaks in the same manner as a television show. For a half hour show, limit your stories to around four and five minutes per section. For longer, hour-length pieces, 7-9 minutes per section should be the maximum. This gives the audience clear time expectations in a format they are used to seeing on broadcast television.