We’re thrilled you're ready to usher in the future of storytelling with us. Writing a story for Asunder will be unlike any other writing collaboration you’ve done. Because Asunder stories are dispersed in time and space, they have several unique qualities. In this guide, we will delve into these qualities and provide some helpful tips for how to write with them in mind. 

Asunder is an experiment. We want to see stories on our smartphones that draw our attention toward our surroundings not away from them. We want to see how can we use our environment to make stories more immersive, more meaningful, and more relevant.

This guide was created to help you develop your story. It is by no means comprehensive. Consider the following as our Asunder Platonic Ideal. We include them here to help you maximize your creative output. 

Ready to start your Asunder writing adventure? Follow us to the next section, and let's start writing the future.

Dreaming in public is an important part of our job description, as science writers, but there are bad dreams as well as good dreams. We’re dreamers, you see, but we’re also realists, of a sort.
— William Gibson