Asunder stories are fixed in space. Your story will be delivered to the audience based on their physical location. Obviously, this is a far different delivery mechanism than any other form of entertainment today. Asunder is more like a play than a television show, in that the audience must be present to participate.

The audience experiences Asunder stories in space. Stories are delivered in chunks to the audience via short-range Bluetooth beacons, placed in distinct locations. When in range of a beacon, the reader will be alerted that a new section of an Asunder story is ready to play.

Each Asunder story requires a minimum of five locations. When scouting for new Asunder beacons, strive for five distinct locations. Fewer than five and you may not have enough variety to establish the pattern clearly. More than five and your audience may lose interest. We suggest choosing locations within a few minutes’ walking distance of each other. The goal should be to push your audience outside their comfort zone, but not demand a wild goose chase across the city.

 Whether scouting for new locations or checking out current ones, think about how the locations might work together. What are the similarities of these locations? What are the differences?  Write/photograph/record these places and try to get to know them as intimately as possible.