Establishing a definite and clear sense of place is important in any story. This is a difficult process, but with Asunder, most of the hard work is done for you. The platform’s preeminent characteristic is that it is hyper-local. The audience will be in a specific place when the stories are presented. Luckily for you, you know the place!

It is your job to bring attention to specifics around each story beacon. Bring people out of their technological shells and return to them the wonder and majesty of our natural (and man-made!) surroundings. The power of suggestion does wonders here. Tease the wind around their ears. Feed them the aroma of garlic on the air. Compel their eyes down the broken gutter where the rain is plopping and splashing over the cobblestones.  In short, focus on sensory details and lead your readers’ senses to them.

Perhaps you have never heard a poem as lovely as a tree. But have you ever written a poem about a specific tree knowing your reader will be standing directly in front of that very tree when they hear it? That’s the power of Asunder’s hyper-localized storytelling.


Go Scouting!

Seek out evocative spots. What do you see? What speaks to you about this place? Smell the air. Touch the walls. Are there birds around? Is it the harsh caw of the grackle, or the sweet coo of the morning dove? Can a playground be the backdrop to a story segment about childhood? Can the entrance to a narrow alley set the tone for a noir encounter? Follow the path and find out.

Be sure to include your location research into your story. Remember that you are the invisible director here. Turn your reader’s attention to what you find important. Have them look up into a broken window or touch the bark of a tree. Focus their ears on the sound of a whirring air conditioning unit. Get them to splash in a puddle. These details will imprint upon your reader as a shared experience. Share your senses with the world!