What do I need to experience an Asunder story?

You need the Asunder app, headphones, and an adventurous spirit! Asunder is for iPhones 5 or newer running iOS 8. 


Do I have to be in Austin to experience Asunder?

Yes! Asunder is a new way of experiencing places through stories. So get your butt over here. As the saying goes, “I’m not from Austin, but I got here as quickly as I could!” 


I’m in Austin—how do I find Asunder story locations?

All story locations are mapped in the app. Once you are in the vicinity, you’ll easily be able to navigate to all the story spots.

Soundscapes are a little different since they don’t have multiple spots. For those, you’ll be directed to a several block area you can explore via sound.


How will I know when I’ve reached a story location?

If you have Asunder open, a message on the map will tell you you’ve arrived. If the app is closed or your phone is locked, Asunder will vibrate your phone, chime, and show you a notification on your lock screen—we really don't want you to miss a location! Once there, that spot’s content will be unlocked. 


Is there a specific order to the stories?

No. We at Asunder are big fans of non-linear storytelling, so we’ve created stories that you can experience in any order.  


How far do I have to walk?

Not too far. Story spots are less than two blocks or so apart, and most stories have only 5 to 7 different spots. 


How long are the stories?

Asunder stories are immersive yet succinct. You should be able to complete a story in 30 minutes or less.


How long will stories be available?

Availability will vary, but we will let you know before stories are discontinued as well as when new stories are to be released! Sign up for announcements below. 


When will new stories come out?

As fast as we can create them! At this point, we hope to release new material at least every 3 months. Sign up for announcements below.


Is Asunder available only in Austin?

At the moment, yes. Good for us, Austin has a million of stories, so our backyard is fertile ground!


will all Asunder stories be fiction?

Asunder stories can be fiction, creative non-fiction, games, soundscapes…. and much more.