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Audio Narration

You never knew words could sound so good.

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Trust us, it's face melting.



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Sam Patteson was raised in the bucolic and isolated Shenandoah Valley near Staunton, Virginia. He has had many different jobs in his professional life including coppersmith, construction worker, bartender, door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, and most recently, lead mobile software engineer at Rosetta Stone, where he designs and implements apps enjoyed by millions worldwide.

He has written several plays, essays, and short stories, some of which have been taught as part of the writing curriculum for James Madison University and Ithaca College. He is also the editor-in-chief of a quasi popular alt-monthly, RANT magazine.




Shaun Dubuque
software development, hardware deployment

Sam Patteson
story production,
software development

Amitai Plasse
illustration, animation

Lisa B. Woods
story production,
visual design



Coming Soon. We have lots of folks to thank, fo' sho.
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